About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church and Little Bethel Baptist Church is to seek and to save the lost for Jesus Christ our Lord; to teach the Word of God with clarity and simplicity; to strengthen the family unit as created by our Lord Jesus Christ; and to be an example of the Saviour’s love in a lust-filled society.


On April 6, 1980, Rev. Frank A. Davis III, after preaching the Easter Sunday night message, announced to the Congregation of the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, that God had placed on his heart to organize a new church. After much prayer and spiritual guidance, Rev. Davis contacted various Christians whom The Lord Placed in his heart.

After much prayer and discussion during a meeting with the Christians to whom the Lord had led Rev. Davis it was revealed that the church would be called Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church. The Lord then led the small group to the corner of Orleans Ave. and North Rendon St. Here, there had previously been a tropical fish and pet store. It was this building that the Lord had ordained to be the place of worship for “Bibleway”.

Bibleway’s first worship service was held on Sunday, May 4, 1980.

Among the founding members of this body of believers are:
Rev. Frank A. Davis, III, his wife Peggy Davis, The late Mary Jones Dandridge, Antoinette F. Jones, Demond (Jones) Askins, Ellorine D. Edinburgh, Danielle Edinburgh, Bernadine D. Harvey, Larry Harvey, Johnise Taylor, Nola Taylor, Bertha Johnson Speaks, Gloriaean Mims, Lelonce Mims, Rev. Daniel Renau, Mary Reneau, Everette Reneau, Jabari Reneau, Janice Vick, Willie Williams, Jr, and Debbie Williams.